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Skills For a Bcom Fresher in 2024

January 15, 2024 - 9:41
skills for a bcom fresher in 2024 blog

Amrita AHEAD Online  provides a skill-based  learning platform that focuses on providing practical knowledge and industrial skills  required for various job roles.

Amrita AHEAD prepares students for a workforce that includes a curriculum designed to provide students with hands-on experience and practical skills relevant to their chosen fields. This approach aligns education with industry needs and enhances graduates’ employability.

Online degree programs provide flexibility for learners to access education from anywhere and everywhere, making it convenient for working professionals or individuals with other commitments to pursue a career outside the  restrictions of space ,time and age.. The courses are designed to  include interactive elements such as  virtual labs to simulate real-world experiences.

To get detailed and up-to-date information about Amrita AHEAD’s online Bcom  degree programs, including specific offerings, admission requirements, and curriculum details, I recommend visiting the official website of Amrita AHEAD. You can also explore several blogs linked to at the bottom of this article for further insights.

What are skills? What are the various types of skills?

A  skill is a person’s ability to perform specific tasks effectively and efficiently. It can be categorised into two main types

  1. Hard Skills:

Technical Skills: These are skills  acquired through education or training.  The various examples includes programming, data analysis, accounting

Industry Knowledge: This involves the understanding of specific sectors or fields incorporating  the relevant facts, concepts, and trends.

Language Proficiency: This is the  ability to understand, speak, read, and write in one or more languages .

Computer Literacy:  This is mainly  the competence in using technology, software, and digital tools in particular fields.

  1. Soft Skills:

Communication: This refers to the  ability to convey ideas precisely  and effectively, both verbally and in writing form.

Teamwork: This involves collaboration and effective interaction with colleagues  to achieve certain common goals and thereby achieving individual progress as well.

Problem-Solving:  The skills required for analytical thinking and creative solutions to address challenges.

Adaptability: this refers to flexibility and openness to all  changes  to all  emerging or new ideas.

Leadership: Inspire positive outcomes by guiding and influencing others to achieve various career based objectives in life.

Time Management:  this is mainly on how efficiently  certain tasks are organised and prioritised inorder to meet deadlines.

Emotional Intelligence: The awareness as well as  management of one’s own emotions along with  understanding others’.

Critical Thinking: the primary objective is to  analyse and evaluate information to frame  informed decisions.

Creativity:  This involves thinking innovatively and generating novel ideas or solutions.

Conflict Resolution:  This is the effective addressing and resolving  disagreements or disputes for acquiring the desired r

These skills  cannot be separated from personal and professional life as it adds to its overall  development and framework. A skilled  individual  possesses  the right combination of both hard and soft skills in an equilibrium.

Technical Skills for Bcom students

When pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree, freshers can benefit from developing a set of skills that will enhance their academic performance and prepare them for the professional world. Here are some skills specifically valuable for BCom freshers

Analytical Skills:

BCom programs include the study of  data analysis, financial reporting, and problem-solving. This creates in you an  ability to analyse information critically thereby drawing  meaningful conclusions out of it

Numerical Aptitude:

BCom courses often involve quantitative aspects that have strong numerical skills. It also includes mathematical concepts relevant to finance, accounting, and economics.

Communication Skills:

Communication plays a vital role in presenting  complex ideas precisely both in written and verbal format.This skill is important   for assignments, presentations, and future professional interactions.

Research Skills: 

BCom coursework often  includes  research on various levels of  economic trends, business strategies, and financial markets 

Time Management:

BCom programs are indeed  demanding as it  cultivates  strong time management skills to balance coursework, assignments, and other responsibilities.

Attention to Detail:

Precision is crucial,especially in  accounting and financial reporting. This is  to ensure accuracy in calculations and data analysis.

Problem-Solving Abilities: 

BCom studies involve addressing real-world business challenges as it sharpens your problem-solving skills .This  approach logically provides effective solutions.

Computer Literacy:

Literate  yourself with the relevant and most useful business software and tools to increase the proficiency in spreadsheet applications and financial software


Business environments are dynamic. Cultivate adaptability to navigate adjustments in coursework, industry traits, and technological advancements.

Networking Skills:

Establishing professional connections is precious for future profession opportunities. Attend networking events, have interaction with professors, and discover internship possibilities to build your network.

Presentation Skills:

Many BCom packages include shows. Work for your potential to bring facts hopefully and professionally, making use of visual aids whilst necessary.

Ethical Awareness:

Develop a robust feel of moral choice-making. BCom studies often contain exploring business ethics, and being ethically aware is critical for a successful enterprise profession.


Collaborative projects are common in BCom programs. Hone your teamwork abilities, emphasising powerful verbal exchange and contribution to organisation efforts.

Financial Literacy:

Acquire a basic expertise of financial standards, markets, and economic principles. This foundational understanding is essential for plenty of BCom publications.

Critical Thinking:

Enhance your ability to suppose significantly. By actively developing those talents at some stage in your BCom studies. Each skill contributes to a well-rounded and adaptable method to the demanding situations and opportunities that the enterprise world offers

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