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Program Duration

15 Hours in 4 Weeks

Hinduism Course Fee

INR 950 / $15

Hinduism Certificate Program Overview



The principles of Sanatana Dharma revealed through the words of Rishis help us make a meaningful living out of the life we are given. Today we are educated and trained for achieving material gains, money making and technological progress. We often end up unhappy despite huge success here. Sanatana Dharma enables us and guides us individually, irrespective of place, gender or culture. These eternal principles empower us with wisdom to become the best version of ourselves, to face the worst of situations, to maintain our success and to make the world a better place. It is hence essential to get empowered with Hinduism, learn the true nature of the world, understand ourselves better and live a life of happiness, and fulfillment.

Mentors of Hinduism Certificate Program

Swami Prajnanamritananda Puri
Swami Prajnanamritananda Puri

Brahmachari Atmaniratamrita Chaitanya
Brahmachari Atmaniratamrita Chaitanya

Brahmachari Atmaprakasha Chaitanya
Brahmachari Atmaprakasha Chaitanya

Prof. K S Radhakrishnan, Ph.D
Prof. K S Radhakrishnan, Ph.D

Hinduism Certificate Program Highlights

About the Course

Hinduism online course is a primer to the six month course ‘Introduction to Hinduism’. It is a basic introduction to the principles and practices of Sanatana Dharma. The aim of this course is to propose Sanatana Dharma for sustainability in life and living, and to motivate one to make a deeper study.

Hinduism courses online Benefits

By completing online course on hinduism, the student will get a basic idea of Hinduism. She / he will be aware of its main principles and philosophical thoughts. The course is a motivation to study Hinduism deeper and understand the ancient spiritual and philosophical wisdom in personal and social realms.

  • Salient features of Hinduism
  • The Heritage of Scriptures in India
  • The Idea of Iswarā
  • Puruṣārthās
  • The theory of Karma
  • Sanyasa – Pinnacle of selflessness
  • Sādhanā in Personal life
  • Temples – The Cradle of Culture
  • Yajña
  • Guru tattva & Avatāra tattva
  • Dharmic moorings of modern science
  • Symbology
  • Other heterodox systems in India

Hinduism Course Admission Eligibility

Passion to learn Hinduism and Working knowledge in English

Amrita Ahead World Class Faculty

Essence Of Hinduism
Brahmachari Achyutāmṛta Chaitanya, PhD.

Associate Professor, Amrita Darshanam

Essence Of Hinduism
Sivanandan D. S.

Asst. Professor, Amrita Darshanam

Essence Of Hinduism
Rupesh Kalesan

Asst. Professor, Amrita Darshanamrn

Essence Of Hinduism
Sooraj Rajendran

Faculty Associate, Amrita Darshanam

Essence Of Hinduism
Aiswarya Mohan

Research scholar & Faculty Associate, Amrita Darshanam

Essence Of Hinduism
Harikrishnan Venugopal

Faculty Associate, Philosophy Arts and Culture, Spiritual Studies, Amritapuri

Essence Of Hinduism
Aswathi Chandran

Ph.D Research Scholar & Guest Faculty

Essence Of Hinduism
Amritha Jayan

Faculty Associate, Amrita Darshanam

Essence Of Hinduism
Naveen Bhat, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Amrita Darshanam

Essence Of Hinduism
Sooraj Subrahmanyan

Faculty Associate, Amrita School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies

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Hinduism online course is for whom?
  1. Anyone who wants to explore Hinduism or gain a comprehensive knowledge of Sanatana Dharma.
  2. Teachers and students of Indian culture and civilization
  3. Any Sanatana Dharma enthusiast who wants to imbibe this culture.
If we are unable to attend the live class can we get access to the sessions later?

All course materials, including video, reading materials and recording of live sessions will be available until successful completion of course or stipulated time limits, whichever comes first.

Will the course materials be provided?


Will the sessions be uploaded on any platform after the session?

Recordings will be provided.

Does admission to the course mean perpetual access to the course contents?

No. Course contents will be available in the enrolled term

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