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Top Career options after 12th Commerce in 2024

December 22, 2023 - 11:49
Top Career options after 12th Commerce in 2024

Opportunities are open to  students completing  their twelfth grade with a commerce history in 2024. Amrita Ahead, a pioneering platform, gives quite a number of online degree programs that align with the career advancement dreams of today’s enthusiastic youth. 

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)

With the increasing complexity of financial transactions in the business world, the demand for skilled CAs is on the rise. A CA certification includes roles in auditing, taxation, and financial consulting.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) graduates can venture into diverse fields such as banking, finance, and accounting, or opt for further specialisation through postgraduate studies.

  • Company Secretary (CS) 

Becoming a Company Secretary involves overseeing legal and regulatory compliance for businesses. This career path is gaining prominence as companies increasingly recognize the importance of adhering to legal frameworks

  • .Economics (Hons)

For students interested in understanding the intricacies of economic systems, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Economics (Hons) is an ideal choice. It can lead to careers in economic analysis, policy research, or working with financial institutions and government bodies.

  • Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing has emerged as a lucrative career option, with businesses focusing on online presence and brand visibility, professionals skilled in digital marketing are in high demand. Courses and certifications in digital marketing can provide the necessary skills to thrive in this field.

  • Actuarial Science

 Actuarial science involves assessing and managing financial risks, particularly in the insurance and pension sectors .This program is assigned for students that requires strong mathematical and statistical skills. 

  • Hotel Management

As the hospitality industry continues to grow, hotel management remains a sought-after career option. Graduates can find opportunities in hotel operations, event management, and food and beverage services.

  • Event Management

Event management is an exciting field that caters to those with excellent organisational and interpersonal skills. From weddings to corporate events, event managers coordinate and execute various types of gatherings. 

  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FPA)

 The role of financial analysts is crucial as  Financial Planning and Analysis professionals analyse financial data, create forecasts, and provide insights to support strategic decision-making. 

  • Bachelor of Financial Markets (BFM)

BFM is an excellent career option for commerce students.It focuses on financial markets, investments, and risk management. This program equips students with specialised knowledge in finance, making them well-prepared for roles in banking, stock markets, and financial analysis.

  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)

 BAF offers commerce students a specialised curriculum centred on advanced accounting principles, taxation, and financial management. With a strong emphasis on financial expertise, BAF graduates are well-suited for lucrative careers in accounting firms, corporate finance, and financial consultancy.

  • Computer Science (CS)For commerce students intrigued by the intersection of technology and business, pursuing a degree in Computer Science is a strategic move.
  •  Certified Management Accountant (CMA)CMA is a highly advantageous career option for commerce students seeking expertise in management accounting and strategic financial planning. 
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA):

Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA) is an ideal career option for commerce students interested in the dynamic field of computer applications. This program combines business knowledge with technical skills, enabling graduates to pursue roles in software development, database management, and IT consulting for financial systems.

  • Business Administration (BBA)

 Bachelor’s in Business Administration(BBA) covers a broad range of subjects, including management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

UG Courses  Offered At Amrita AHEAD  

Let’s explore a few top profession options and the courses offered in accordance with  Amrita Ahead for commerce students after completing their 12th grade

  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) at Amrita Ahead:

The Online Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) at Amrita AHEAD is a 3-year undergraduate online degree course .This course includes  industry certifications in new and emerging areas such as Machine learning, Cybersecurity, Networking, Distributed computing, Blockchain, IoT etc.The program follows an industry aligned curriculum which prepares a students to be hired  . 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Amrita Ahead:

It is a 3-year undergraduate online degree course.This course trains students on relevant industry certifications in emerging and important areas such as Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Finance, HR and Management. Industry partners include Amazon AWS, Oracle, Google and many more.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) at Amrita Ahead:Choosing to pursue an online B.Com degree at Amrita Ahead in 2024 offers students the flexibility to tailor their learning experience to their individual pace and preferences. 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Taxation and Finance Integrated with CA subjects)The Online Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) at Amrita AHEAD is designed to equip students with necessary professional skills and knowledge in the areas accounting, finance and business management.
  • Bachelor of Commerce  (International Finance and Accounting)The comprehensive 3-year undergraduate program is specifically designed to focus on International Finance and Accounting This program is  accredited by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)- UK.

PG Courses  Offered At Amrita AHEAD

  •  Master of Computer Applications (MCA) at Amrita Ahead:

In 2024, pursuing an online MCA at Amrita Ahead provides a flexible learning environment for students to deepen their expertise in computer applications and software development. 

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Amrita Ahead:

Opting for an online MBA through Amrita Ahead in 2024 offers the advantage of a customizable learning experience that fits into professionals’ busy schedules. The online MBA prepares students for leadership roles in diverse sectors, combining academic rigour with the convenience of online education.

  • Master of Commerce (M.Com) at Amrita Ahead:

The program integrates theoretical concepts with real-world applications, and the online format enables students to balance work and education effectively, fostering a deeper understanding of complex financial systems and preparing them for specialised roles in the corporate world.

Professional Certificate Programs at Amrita Ahead:

  • Data Analytics

Online Certificate Program in Data Analytics is a 3-month program taught by Faculty and Industry Experts from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and MaxEd, who have decades of experience in providing individualised learning.

  • Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing Certificate Program offers the foundation of digital marketing tools to help them digitally create, streamline marketing processes and build digital marketing strategies.The program also offers 45 days of internship for hands-on experience. 

Scope for Higher Studies for Commerce students in  2024

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA): An MBA offers commerce graduates the opportunity to specialise in fields like finance, marketing, and operations, enhancing their leadership skills. 
  2. Master of Commerce (M.Com): Pursuing an M.Com allows commerce graduates to delve deeper into advanced accounting, finance, and economic theories, preparing them for roles as financial analysts and auditors. 
  3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): The CFA program offers commerce graduates an advanced curriculum in financial analysis, augmenting their skills for roles in investment management. 
  4. Master of Science in Finance (MSF): MSF programs provide commerce graduates with specialised knowledge in financial modelling and quantitative analysis, preparing them for careers in risk management. 
  5. Data Science and Analytics: Advanced studies in data science offer commerce graduates the skills to extract actionable insights from data, enhancing their employability as data scientists. 
  6. Certified Public Accountant (CPA): Pursuing CPA certification opens doors to global accounting and financial consulting roles, offering commerce graduates a chance to specialise in international financial regulations. 
  7. Master of Marketing Management (MMM): Specialising in marketing management through an MMM program equips commerce graduates for leadership roles in marketing strategy and consumer behaviour. 
  8. Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM): MHRM programs offer commerce graduates the expertise to manage human capital strategically, preparing them for HR leadership roles. 
  9. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA): CISA certification prepares commerce graduates for roles in IT governance and cybersecurity
  10. Master of International Business (MIB): MIB programs provide commerce graduates with the skills for global business management, and research opportunities


  • What advantages do online degree programs at Amrita Ahead offer for commerce students in 2024? 

Amrita Ahead’s online programs provide flexibility, allowing students to balance studies with other commitments, access industry-relevant content, and engage in practical projects, enhancing the overall learning experience.

  • Are there opportunities for research within commerce-based degree programs?

 Yes, several programs offer research opportunities, enabling students to explore and contribute to advancements in fields like finance, business analytics, and international business.

  •  Are there specialised courses for commerce students interested in technology?

 Yes, courses like Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) integrate business and technology, preparing students for roles in IT with a strong understanding of business applications.

  • How do online Master’s programs at Amrita Ahead benefit working professionals? 

Online Master’s programs offer flexibility for working professionals, allowing them to advance their education and skills without interrupting their careers.

  • Is BCA a suitable choice for commerce students interested in e-commerce and online businesses? 

Yes, BCA covers aspects relevant to e-commerce, providing skills in web development, online security, and database management, making it a fitting choice for those eyeing careers in online businesses.

Take Away

Pursuing an online degree at Amrita Ahead  allows students to acquire essential programming and software development skills from the comfort of their own space. Each of these programs equips commerce students for success in their chosen career paths.In conclusion, the career landscape for commerce students in 2024 offers a diverse range of options, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. 

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