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Online MBA in Finance

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Online MBA in Finance

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Online MBA in Finance

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Online MBA in Finance

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Online MBA in Finance

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Deadline: July 12, 2024


The Amrita AHEAD online MBA program with a Finance elective is brought to you by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, the 7th top university in India. Our program is backed by an industry-aligned curriculum and world-class faculty. The Amrita AHEAD Online MBA in Finance will equip students with knowledge about financial analysis, portfolio management, risk management, and other essential topics. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions, manage risk effectively, and maximize shareholder value, all of which are crucial for success in the complex business environment they will be entering.


Five future-ready electives:


Industry Mentors for Online Masters degree Online:

Our learners receive mentorship with active participation from industry experts, starting from the first semester. This mentorship is provided through various courses, industry projects, and certifications. Our online MBA finance courses in India are designed to provide real-world experience and insights.

Industry Linked:

MBA Finance degree online offers certifications endorsed by the industry through functional level certifications across several management functions like Finance, Sales and Marketing, HR, Operations and Analytics.

Job Prospects:

Boost your job prospects by pursuing an online masters finance degree across industry sectors like Banking, Insurance, IT, FMCG, Startups, and High-Tech Companies. Our online MBA finance degree can open doors to lucrative roles in various sectors.

Alumni Network:

Join a large and ever-growing network of Amrita alumni. Our alumni network includes graduates from our online MBA finance programs in India and abroad.

Amrita Ahead World Class Faculty

Online MBA in Finance
Prof. Raghu Raman

Dean, Amaravati Campus | Dean, School of Business (Amritapuri, Amaravati & Kochi) | Director, Center for Accreditations, Rankings and Eminence (IQAC NAAC) | Director, Center for Research in Analytics & Technologies for Education (CREATE).
Qualification: MBA, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Prof. Nava Subramaniam

Dean, School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr.Manoj P

Dean, School of Business, Bengaluru
Qualification: MBA, BE, MS, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Prof.Rajiv Prasad

Principal, School of Business Kochi
Qualification: PGDRM, MBA, BA, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Viswanathan P. K.

Principal, School of Business, Amritapuri
Qualification: Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Ajith Sundaram

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade), School of Business, Kochi | Program Coordinator, Amrita AHEAD MBA
Qualification: MBA, MS, B-Tech, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Murale Venugopalan

Associate Professor, School of Business, Kochi
Qualification: MBA, MPhil, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Dhanya M

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.), School of Business, Kochi
Qualification: MBA, MPhil, BSc, Ph.D, MSc, B.Ed.

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Rojalin Patri

Assistant Professor, Operations Management, Department of Management, Kochi
Qualification: MBA, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Prof. Parvathy Venugopal

Assistant Professor (Marketing), Amrita School of Business, Kochi
Qualification: MBA, BE

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. B.Radhakrishnan

Assistant Professor (Sr. Grd.), School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Vinitha V. U.

Assistant Professor, School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: PGDM, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. T.Sakthi Nagaraj

Assistant Professor, School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Muralee Krishnan C

Associate Professor, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore | Deputy Controller of Examinations School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: MBA, M.E, B-Tech, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. A. Senthil Kumar

Vice Principal, Amrita School Business, Coimbatore | PGP Chair, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore | Assistant Professor (Selection Grade), Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: PGDCA, MBA, MPhil, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Jayaraman Krishnaswamy

Adjunct Professor, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: MPhil, Ph.D, MSc

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Angan Sengupta

Asst. Professor, Department of Management, Bengaluru
Qualification: MA, PG, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Priya Gupta

Associate Professor, School Of Business, Bengaluru
Qualification: Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Nitesh Pandey

Assistant Professor, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
Qualification: UGC-NET, MBA, B-Tech, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Partha Saha

Assistant Professor (SG), School of Business, Bengaluru
Qualification: Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Dr. Anusree P. S.

Assistant Professor, Human Resources , School of Business, Amritapuri.
Qualification: BCom, MBA, Ph.D

Online MBA in Finance
Jay Misra

Part-time Faculty, School of Business, Amritapuri
Qualification: MBA, MS

Online MBA in Finance
Maneesha Ravindran Karimbil

Assistant Professor
Qualification: BBM (CA), MBA, UGC- NET

Online MBA in Finance
Govind S Menon

Faculty Associate
Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA

Online MBA in Finance
Dr Manoj M

Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Com, M.Com, MBA, MPhil, PhD, DCFA.

Online MBA in Finance
Dr Lekha H

Assistant Professor
Qualification:BA, MBA, MPhil, PhD.

World Class Faculty

Learn from leading faculty members and industry experts

Dr. Shekar Babu
Dr. Shekar Babu

Founding Head, AMRITA School of Business, Bengaluru.Dr. Shekar has 15 years of experience in academia and 15 years in Industry. Dr. Shekar Babu is the founding head of AMRITA School of Business, Bangalore. He started AMRITA School of Business, Bangalore in 2007 in collaboration with State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo, USA. He was also an Adjunct Faculty at School of Management, University at Buffalo, NY, USA. He worked for 10 years as a Director of Hewlett-Packard’s Software Division, California, USA. He was responsible for managing the $1Billion revenues. He worked 5 years as a Management Consultant at Price Waterhouse (PWC), Los Angeles, California, USA.rn

Jay Misra
Jay Misra

Professor, School of Business.Mr Jay Misra is Co-Director of the Amrita Center for Sustainable Future and the Program Manager of the Amrita Center for International Programs. Mr. Misra has an MBA from the Harvard Business School, a Dual B.S. and M.S. in Engineering / Operations Research with honors from the University of Pittsburgh, USA .He began his career at IBM and moved on to working in the Executive management for notable investors such as George Soros. In the world of academia he has guest lectured at Harvard, Stanford, etc, and has published several books and journals.

Dr. Nava Subramaniam
Dr. Nava Subramaniam

Deputy Dean – Research and Innovation at School of Accounting, Information Systems and Supply Chain; RMIT University

Master of Business Administration Degree

Earn a prestigious AICTE Approved degree from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, the seventh top University in India. Our online MBA finance concentration is recognized and valued by employers across industries.

In accordance with UGC regulations, Online degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are treated as equivalent to the corresponding awards of the degrees at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels offered through conventional mode.

Join a growing global network of accomplished Amrita alumni.

mba certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies and projects.

Semester 1


Business Communications
Managerial Economics-Micro and Macro
Organisational Behaviour
Accounting for Managers
Marketing Management
Business Statistics
Education for Life-1
Semester 2


Operations Management
Technology Transformation for Business
Human Resource Management
Financial Cost Management
Consumer Behaviour
Business Analytics
Education for Life – 2
Semester 3


Strategic Management
International Business
Legal Aspects and Business Ethics
Education for Life – 3
Elective 1
Elective 2
Elective 3
Semester 4


Entrepreneurship and Innovation
CSR and Sustainability
Education for Life – 4
Elective 4
Elective 5
Elective 6
Elective 7

 Finance Elective

Advanced Financial Management
Financial Modelling
 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Strategic Financial Management
Treasury and Bank Management
Insurance and Risk Management
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Candidates must have a minimum of 50% marks in UG.

  • Candidates must have passed 10 + 2
  • Candidate must have completed an undergraduate degree(minimum 3 years)
  • Students in their final year can apply with the last completed semester results

Candidates with work experience will have an added advantage for admissions.

Course Duration for an Online MBA in Finance

Minimum 2 years
Maximum 4 years

Course Curriculum


human resource



Digital Marketing
Sales and Distribution Management
Marketing Communications
Data Driven Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Research
Retail Marketing

Advanced Financial Management
Financial Modelling
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Strategic Financial Management
Treasury and Bank Management
Insurance and Risk Management

Recruitment and Retention Management
Performance Management
Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
HR Audit
Change Management
Stategic Human resource Management
People Analytics

Manufacturing Control and Planning
Total Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Operations Research
Services Operations Management
Business Forecasting

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Management Consulting
Leadership Skills
Mergers and Acquisitions
Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Research Methodology

The Amrita
Accreditations & Rankings

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Government of India accredited our University with the topmost ‘A++’ grade. The Schools under the aegis of Amrita University have over 108 programmes in disciplines as diverse as Biotechnology, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Nanotechnology, Communication, Arts & Science and Education, providing our students with outstanding training in our several campuses across multiple states. Needless to add, this multi-disciplinary character of our University facilitates a laudable synergy within our midst greatly enabling us all to derive maximum benefit from the expertise of each other. The Amrita AHEAD programs are WES-accredited in the United States and Canada.
Amrita ranked 7th Best University in India- NIRF, Govt. of India

university in india
No 1 Private University in India
WES accredited
NIRF Ranking 02 iqac
Govt of india, 2023, 7th best university in India
international faculty
No 1 International Faculty in India
NAAC A++ Grade

Admission Process of MBA in Finance

  • Choose a Program
    Choose a Program
  • Apply Online
    Apply Online
  • Join the Program
    Join the Program
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MBA Placements in Finance

Data is based on on-campus information

hdfc bank
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Job Titles

  • Financial Risk Management Analyst
  • Investment Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Research Analyst
  • Personal Financial Adviser
  • Credit Risk Management Analyst
  • Investment Risk Analyst
  • M&A Analyst
  • Financial Planning Senior Analyst
  • Global Capital Markets Sales and Trading Specialist
  • Investment Banking Associate
job opportunity

International University Partners

Go Global with our International Programs: Student Exchange program, Study Abroad Program and 3+1+ x Integrated Masters Program

MBA in Finance Online Course Fees*

Per Semester Fee: INR 55,000 Total fee (per semester fee*4 semesters): INR 2,20,000


Fee per semester*

₹ 55,000

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₹ 9583*

*Terms & Conditions apply



Up to 100%

Scholarships available for eligible candidates

Know More

 * Registration fee -Rs. 500

* Examination Fee -Rs.2500 Per Semester

*If you are a foreign national, please email /


What is the MBA in Finance Online Course?

The MBA Program (Elective: Finance) at Amrita is a 2-year online postgraduate program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in high management positions over time. This program is particularly beneficial for those looking to refocus their career and grow professionally. It covers all crucial concepts, practices, and trends in areas like Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Statistics, and HR, with a special focus on financial analysis, portfolio management, risk management, and other finance-related topics. MBA Finance Degree Online can take you far ahead in your career.

Is the Online MBA in Finance approved by AICTE?

Yes, the MBA Program is approved by AICTE.

How long can I take to complete my MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

The online MBA Program (Elective: Finance) is a 2-year program. However, we offer flexibility for learners to complete it within a maximum duration of 4 years. MBA Finance Degree Online is more comfortable as compared to your traditional course schedule.

How will you conduct the online MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

For working professionals, we have built tremendous flexibility in the program allowing up to 4 years to earn your degree, allowing for self-paced, anytime learning.

  • Reading materials and video lectures will be uploaded into our learning management system
  • Every week, there will be a live interactive session with faculty to clear doubts and they will also be recorded and posted.
  • There will also be a discussion forum to encourage peer learning. Faculty and teaching assistants will also participate in these discussion forums and help with the overall learning experience. Practice quizzes will be given every week so that you are continuously preparing for exams.
What is the format of an online MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

Our online courses follow the UGC guidelines and are divided into four quadrants: e-Tutorial, e-Content, Discussion forum, and Assessment. Each quadrant is designed to enhance the learning experience with a variety of educational materials and activities.

Each course will be in 4 quadrants, fully following the UGC guidelines.

Quadrant-I is e-Tutorial; which shall contain: Video and Audio Content in an organized form, Animation, Virtual Labs, etc, along with the transcription of the video.

Quadrant-II is e-Content; which shall contain; self-instructional material (digital Self Learning Material), e-Books, case studies, presentations etc, and also contain Web Resources such as further references, Related Links etc.

Quadrant-III is the Discussion forum for raising of doubts and clarifying the same by the Course Coordinator

Quadrant-IV is Assessment, which shall contain; Problems and Solutions, which could be in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the blanks, Matching Questions, Short Answer Questions, Long Answer Questions, Quizzes, Assignments and solutions.

Will the Online MBA Program (Elective: Finance) degree be equivalent to the conventional degree offered by Amrita?

Yes. As Per the UGC regulations, Online degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level shall be treated as equivalent to the corresponding awards of the degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level offered through conventional mode. The following things will be mentioned on the backside of the degree and mark sheets – Mode of delivery; Date of admission; Date of completion.

Do you offer interactive sessions with the faculty?

Yes, we offer weekly live doubt-clearing sessions with the faculty for every course. These sessions are also recorded and available for later viewing.

In order to accommodate working professionals, these sessions will be held on weekends or after working hours.

How are the exams conducted in online mode for MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

Examinations are conducted as per the new regulations through the Online Technology Enabled Proctored mode.

Why should one study for an MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

An MBA Program (Elective: Finance) creates business leaders and managers with leadership and problem-solving skills, specifically tailored for the global business environment. It provides valuable business acumen, expands your professional network, and creates new opportunities. The program covers a broad range of topics, including a thorough foundation in traditional management disciplines and specialized topics in finance. The MBA in finance online course fees is very reasonable as compared to a conventional MBA.

What are the Job Opportunities Post-Completion?

After successfully completing the program, graduates can anticipate a variety of job roles such as Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Startup Founder/CEO, Sales Manager, Relationship Manager, Team Manager, Territory Manager, Business Analyst, Support Executive, among others.

Why Choose Amrita AHEAD’s Online Degrees?

Our online degrees provide numerous advantages including the flexibility to study at your own pace, programs approved by AICTE, a world-class learning environment, experienced faculty, assistance with career development, industry-related projects, interactive sessions with industry professionals, and multiple industry certifications. At Amrita AHEAD we provide a MBA in Finance Online Course Fees starting from 55,000 per semester.


What are the eligibility requirements for online MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

Candidates are required to have a minimum of 50% marks in their undergraduate degree, must have passed 10 + 2, and must have completed an undergraduate degree (minimum 3 years). Students in their final year can apply with the results of their last completed semester. Candidates with work experience will have an added advantage for admissions.

Is there an admission fee for MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

Yes There is a Registration fee of Rs.500

How can I apply an online MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

You can apply by filling out our application form. Please click on the following link to apply:

How do I contact you?

You can reach us via Email, Call, or WhatsApp. You can also chat with us through the chat window present on our website.

Email: /

Mobile: 8590007473

Whatsapp: 8590007473

We are always here to help you and make your journey as easy as possible.

Can international students apply for an online MBA Program (Elective: Finance)?

Yes, we welcome applications from International Students.

What is Amrita AHEAD Online Degree Program’s Refund Policy?

For the July 2024 season, as per new UGC regulations, we will provide a full refund to all students till 30th September 2024 and with a deduction of Rs.1000 as a processing fee for refunds from October 2024.

For all admissions beyond October 2024, the following policy will be followed.

We follow UGC Regulations for a Refund :

  • 15 days or more prior to admissions closing date – 100% refund*
  • Within 15 days prior to the admission closing date – 90% refund
  • Within 15 days after the admission closing date – 80% refund
  • 15 days after the admission closing date – 50% Refund
  • 30 days after the admission closing date – No Refund

Students Testimonials

Emad Ashers MBA
Emad Ashers
Online MBA

AHEAD online MBA program from Amrita University is structured and executed to suit working professionals who must balance work and studies. For each subject, there is a designated course coordinator who will help resolve any issues we face with any particular matter. I am happy with how the course is structured and taught to us, and I appreciate all the team members and faculty of Amrita Ahead for making it possible to pursue this Online MBA degree.

Jamshi K J
Online MBA

Amrita AHEAD online MBA degree is a unique program offered by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, an institution well-known for its value u0026 excellence. This flexible online course is helping me to get back to my career and my dreams, along with handling my other responsibilities in life. Apart from the subject knowledge, the education u0026 value that Amrita is giving to my Life is priceless. Choosing the Amrita AHEAD Online program to resume my learning was one of my best decisions. Always proud and grateful to be an Amritian!

Midhun Antony MBA
Midhun Antony
Online MBA

Amrita AHEAD online MBA program creates a remarkable achievement in working professionals by getting used to the industry-relevant course and upskilling program for one’s career. Despite learning, it helps to keep the challenges of present-day needs. Amrita Ahead Online MBA program is the new age mantra and qualification needed by an individual in the competitive world.

Nithyasree MBA
Online MBA

u0022As a working professional in HR, an online MBA degree is vital. Amrita Ahead has given me a very flexible learning platform with my schedule. The courses are crafted to impart managerial skills and develop interpersonal skills necessary for growth. We are exposed to current industry and market scenarios through webinars and online courses. When I relate my experience and the amount of exposure I received through my regular Bachelor’s course, this Online Learning Programme has given me a similar experience.”

Resmi Gopi Mohan MBA
Resmi Gopi Mohan
Online MBA

I was drawn to the Online MBA program at Amrita AHEAD because I have been living abroad for the past few years and needed an MBA program from a renowned and trusted University, which would allow me to have the flexibility to learn on my own time while living and working full-time. I highly recommend the Amrita AHEAD MBA program to those looking to go further in their career with applied skills and knowledge gained throughout the program.

Shyju TC MBA
Online MBA

For quite some time, I have been looking for a regular MBA program for working professionals like me to help me gain knowledge on the latest topic and trends in business and provide the impetus to accelerate my professional growth. That is when Amrita AHEAD was introduced, and I didn’t have to think twice about grabbing the opportunity. Now one year into the online MBA program, I am glad that I chose Amrita AHEAD – with its state-of-the-art learning platform, top-class faculty, and reliable support team at an affordable cost, it has ticked all the boxes for me.

Online MBA

Amrita AHEAD gave me a chance to pursue online MBA degree without leaving my job. After researching several colleges, I chose Amrita AHEAD’s online MBA program not only because it is one of India’s top universities but also the flexibility and versatility it offers. Unlike other distance education programs, Amrita ahead offers me campus placement opportunities and a chance to learn from several industry experts. I suggest you to choose Amrita AHEAD if you are looking to pursue higher studies without the worry of quitting your dream job!

Subhiksha A
Online MBA

This Amrita AHEAD Online MBA Program is one of the most excellent opportunities to get your degree while working when you dream of pursuing an MBA and don’t want to quit your job either. This Online program gives the same Content and Knowledge what we get from Offline classes. Adds the benefit of learning from Anywhere, Anytime. Even If We Miss the Live session, recorded sessions are always available in the portal. Thanks AMRITA AHEAD, for this initiative.

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