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BCA Eligibility Criteria for Amrita AHEAD Online Admissions

December 22, 2023 - 9:23

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programs provide students with a comprehensive understanding of computer applications and programming.

One stop solution for all online BCA Admissions: Amrita AHEAD

Amrita AHEAD online BCA program provides opportunity for enthusiasts, a learning experience outside curriculum. 

 The Admissions to BCA programs are competitive, and candidates must meet specific BCA eligibility criteria to qualify for enrolment. This article delves into the eligibility requirements for admission to a BCA online degree in Amrita AHEAD. The candidates can apply in online mode if they fulfil the BCA eligibility criteria.

BCA Eligibility Criteria 

      Minimum Educational Qualification

  • Candidates must have completed their higher secondary education       (10+2) from a recognized board or institution  
  • Candidates must have an aggregate minimum of 45%.
  • Candidates should have studied mathematics as one of the subjects in their 10+2 curriculum.
  • Candidates who have passed a 3-year diploma can apply. This ensures that students entering the BCA program have a foundational understanding of mathematical concepts, which is crucial for computer science and programming courses.
  •  Candidates with certain work experience  can also apply.

Why Amrita AHEAD Online BCA Degree?

Amrita gives its candidates various added advantages in terms of an unique BCA eligibility criteria.

Merit Based Admissions

Amrita AHEAD BCA eligibility for admission is solely based on merit of the candidate. 

Merit of a candidate is given priority upon all other BCA eligibility considerations.

However Amrita AHEAD gives candidates certain added advantages for admissions if they fulfil BCA eligibility along with certain other criteria.

Age is not a limit

There is absolutely no age limit to meet BCA eligibility criteria for BCA admissions in Amrita AHEAD. Without much hesitation, candidates with an enthusiasm to learn can earn a degree at any age.

 No Entrance Examinations

Amrita AHEAD BCA eligibility criteria allows not only students who have conventionally completed their higher secondary education but admits candidates who have completed a 3-year diploma course .

Build a career with a BCA degree

Future has no limit for BCA graduates.Bachelor of Computer Applications is an enticing path to become:

  •  Software Developer/Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Analyst.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Project Manager

Opt for Research Oriented Higher Studies

A candidate who caters to BCA eligibility criteria can pursue master’s in computer science or a related field is a common and promising option. This advanced degree provides opportunities for specialisation, deeper theoretical understanding, and advanced practical skills. Amrita AHEAD online BCA Degree places eligible candidates in higher-level positions in enterprises that gives research opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of technology

 Master of Computer Science (MCS)

  • Advanced coursework with focus on research.
  • Job Profile: Software Developer/Researcher.
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT):
    • Focus on advanced IT concepts, practical applications in technology.
    • Job Profile: IT Consultant/Manager.
  • Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering:
    • In-depth research oriented study.
    • Job Profile: Systems Architect/Research Scientist.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology:
    • Integration of business and IT skills needed for the corporate environment and others.
    • Job Profile: IT Manager/Strategist.
  • Master of Data Science (MDS):
    • Specialised program in data analytics incorporating neo techniques.
    • Job Profile: Data Scientist/Analyst.
  • Master of Information Systems (MIS):
    • Emphasis on design and management systems.
    • Job Profile: Information Systems Manager.
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence (MAI):
    • Specialised program in new and emerging field of AI.
    • Job Profile: AI Specialist/Researcher.
  • Master of Cybersecurity (MCS):
    • Comprehensive study in cybersecurity .
    • Job Profile: Cybersecurity Analyst/Consultant.
  • Master of Software Engineering (MSE):
    • In-depth study, mastering design.
    • Job Profile: Software Engineer/Development Lead.
  • Master of Technology Management (MTM):
    • Both technical and management skills.
    • Job Profile: Technology Manager/Strategist.

Syllabus for Amrita AHEAD Online BCA Degree


Communicative English -1

Foundations of Applied Mathematics – Part I

 Principles of Management

Computer Essentials

Problem Solving and Algorithmic Thinking

Problem Solving and Algorithmic Thinking Lab


Professional Communication

Foundations of Applied Mathematics – Part II

Database Management System

Object Oriented Programming using Java

Operating System and Computer Architecture

Database Management System Lab

Object Oriented Programming using Java Lab


Discrete Mathematics

Data Structures and Algorithms

Computer Networks

Elective A

Elective B

Data Structures and Algorithms Lab

Computer Networks Lab



Distributed Systems

Web Application Development

Software Engineering

Elective C

Elective D

Web Application Development -Lab


C# and .NET Framework

Advanced Java and J2EE

Mobile Application Development

Elective E

Elective F

Advanced Java and J2EE Lab

Minor Project


Major Project

Elective G

Elective H 

 Major projects Mentored under world class faculty.

In areas of Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Deep learning, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing & Distributed Computing, Blockchains, IOT Amrita AHEAD provides an opportunity for candidates to complete a 15 credit major project in the final year.

Take Away 

Online Practical Virtual Lab Facility From CISCO Academy, Amrita adorns the BCA course with a research based learning . A trajectory in career can be brought to life in the realms of research as the syllabus is framed in such manner that learning is open to innovation in technology .With every subject introduced with complete passion and dedication,Amrita AHEAD Online BCA eligibility criteria allows to gain a BCA Degree that is massive and online.

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