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MBA vs MCA, which is better after BCA?

June 22, 2022 - 11:27
mba vs mca which is better after bca amrita ahead 01

You are not a product of your circumstances; you are a product of your decisions. So, do your best to make the right one.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, the demand for skilled workers in marketing and technology has increased dramatically. Choosing between Master of Business Administration (MBA) or  Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree after completing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree is a difficult decision as both degrees offer unique opportunities and benefits. An MBA is a widely recognized degree that provides a thorough understanding of business principles and practices. It equips students with the skills needed to tackle complex business challenges and opens doors for leadership roles in industry. On the other hand, MCA focuses on developing skills in computer programming and technology.

Due to the heavy reliance on technology in any industry, MCA can offer you exciting career prospects in software development, IT consulting and data analytics Ultimately, choosing between MBA and MCA depends on your career will and your pleasure. Are you more interested in the world of business management and leadership, or do you enjoy the ever-evolving field of technology? Consider your abilities and interests, as well as industry market trends, to make informed decisions that will unlock endless opportunities in the dynamic world of business and technology. However, the decision is purely individual, based on the career goals, interests, and strength of the graduates.


Following are the reasons why choosing an MBA is the right move after pursuing a BCA degree.

  • Management Skills-  As we have already stated, an MBA equips you with the skills you need to take up managerial positions in the corporate world. Every organisation requires managers and executives irrespective of the sector. An MBA course will help you learn all the necessary skills for the same.
  • Upper hand in the job sector-  The fact that the job sector is extremely competitive is not unknown. However, it is noticed that job candidates with an MBA degree from a reputed institute are given an upper hand during the shortlisting and selection process.
  • Unlimited scope-  Like we mentioned, executives and managers are required everywhere. An MBA does not restrict you to one industry and provides you the chance to gain experience in a plethora of sectors.
  • High salary-  An MBA from a NAAC A+ accredited institute will fetch you a higher package irrespective of the industry you choose to begin your career with.
  • Immense growth opportunity-  If you want to grow in your favourite industry, rise on the corporate ladder or start your own entrepreneurial venture, MBA is the way to go.


Following are the reasons why choosing an MCA is the right move after pursuing a BCA degree.

  • Ideal for a tech lover-  You have pursued BCA for a reason. If that reason was the fact that technology sparks your interest and you want to be a pro, you should opt for an MCA to open the door to numerous opportunities in the infinite field of computers and technology.
  • High pay scale-  An MCA from a reputed institute will fetch you great placement offers. If you are someone who wants a high financial payout in the field of technology, MCA is the way to go.
  • Tech in India is on a rise-  India is a developing country with immense technological prowess. The IT sector in India is booming with opportunities to fill. MCA gives you the chance to be a part of the change for good.
  • Unlimited career scope-  Given that MCA covers several subjects, it makes you eligible and prepared for multiple job roles. So, if you want to unlock the door to diverse opportunities in the field of technology, MCA is the way to go.

Difference in MBA and MCA

Now that we have seen the subjective difference between an MBA and MCA, let us get objective.

CurriculumManagerial Accounting
Economical Analysis
Business research Methods
Marketing basics
Digital Business
Fundamentals of IT
Theory of Computation
Linux Programming
Computer Graphics
C, C++, Python, Java
Software Testing
Discrete Mathematics
Human Resources
Business Analytics
Business Management
Foreign Trade
Information Technology
Digital Marketing
Hospital Management
Retail Management
Systems Development
Systems Management
Systems Engineering
Management Information Systems
Career scopeHR Manager
Senior Business Analyst
Operations Manager
Business Development Manager
Project Manager
Marketing Executive
IT Business Analyst
System Analyst
Software Consultant
Technical Writer
Web Designer
Artificial Intelligence Expert
Multimedia Systems Professional
Salary ProspectsEntry-level 4-5 LPA
Mid-level 8-9 LPA
Top-level 10+ LPA
Entry-level 4-5 LPA
Mid-level 8-9 LPA
Top-level 10+ LPA
MBA or MCA- What is the best option

What should a BCA Graduate do?

A BCA graduate must choose a promising degree that suits to the career goals, aspirations and strength including the personal likes and dislikes MCA can be a wonderful choice for someone whose interest in technology and MBA will be the right choice for one who is interested in entering the business world. Choosing the right postgraduate degree will help you get the best career opportunity and choosing the right platform will make the learning process an enhancing one.

MCA with Amrita AHEAD

Amrita AHEAD , gives you an opportunity to pursue your dream career in the most accessible, cost effective, systematic, and comprehensive manner. Although every industry and sector have technical, managerial, and executive job roles, expertise in technology and management is necessary everywhere. In fact, every sector is going digital, and automation is on the rise. We offer various specializations such MCA Cyber Security and MCA AI Are you keen on being explorative, or prefer to be on the administrative side? Or is your interest in becoming an entrepreneur? You can literally be anything you want to be, if focus, passion, and disciplined effort are your best friends. If you are technology-oriented with a zeal to learn and grow in the areas of networking, IT, and software, MCA sounds like a great option for you.

However, if you see yourself as a strong leader with a knack for management and administration, or you just want to create something of your own, MBA is the right call for you. Change your restrictive outlook, be open to opportunities, think of where you see yourself 10 years from now and go ahead with Amrita AHEAD.


When it comes to choosing between two enterprising degrees such as MBA and MCA the choice is completely individual. The decision solely depends upon the career path that one would like to pursue. Amrita AHEAD Online helps you to choose from myriad career option with a UGC-recognised degree to propel your career in the most desirable way ahead.

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