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Own It Like a Champion: The Skills Needed for a Supply Chain Manager

November 16, 2022 - 10:50
Own It Like a Champion The Skills Needed for a Supply Chain Manager
Own It Like a Champion_The Skills Needed for a Supply Chain Manager

Are you up for figuring out the best way to decrease waste and maximize capacity without breaking the bank? Can you maintain inflexible, strict deadlines regularly? Does your work ethic fuel a sense of responsibility in responding to operational needs?

Suppose any of these descriptions can be used to describe you. In that case, you should look closely at the prospect of becoming a supply chain manager.

Well-managed teams run successful organizations. #talent is still the number one resource.

Want some tips on how to become a supply chain manager? Read on!

The World of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the process of overseeing the flow of goods from supplier to customer. It is a complex process and requires much coordination.

Supply chain management can be divided into three main areas: sourcing, production, and distribution. Sourcing is the process of finding suppliers for raw materials and components. Production is producing finished goods at a low cost while maintaining quality standards. Distribution refers to how goods are delivered to customers to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

Becoming a #SupplyChainManager is a great career option when you operate and design processes to manage the movement of goods from suppliers to customers. This career is also an excellent option for those who have a business degree and want to get their foot in the door of supply chain management.

Role and Responsibilities of a Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager is responsible for the efficient flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers. This includes managing inventory, price, quality, and shipping.

The primary responsibilities of supply chain managers include:

1) Developing and maintaining an inventory of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods.

2) Scheduling production to meet customer demand.

3) Managing the flow of goods from manufacturer to distributor to retailer.

4) Ensuring that all company policies are followed for inventory control and safety.

Skills and Qualities that Make for an Effective Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers must be skilled in logistics, procurement, finance, and marketing.

Supply chain managers must understand what is happening at every point in their company’s supply chain. They need to know how each link affects the other links and how they can improve them.

The skills that make for an effective supply chain manager include leadership skills, business skills for logistics, management skills for logistics, and analytical skills. A few other critical skills we see in thriving supply chain managers are: making sound business decisions, interfacing with diverse stakeholders, and navigating complex organizations.

How to Land Your First Job as a Supply Chain Manager

Companies are looking for professionals with supply chain management skills. Supply Chain Management is a field that has had much growth in the past few years. It is one of the most sought-after fields in the job market.

There are many ways to land your first job as a supply chain manager. You can either go for an MBA or BBA degree or opt for certification courses after graduation. But MBAs and BBA degrees are still safe bets when landing your first job in this field, even if there is stiff competition.

How to Get Hired as a Supply Chain Manager

Suppose you are an MBA specializing in supply-chain management and want to be hired as a supply-chain manager. In that case, you need the skills to help a company meet its objectives. You will also need to demonstrate your problem-solving ability and think creatively.

The salary for a supply-chain manager can vary depending on their industry and experience level. However, on average, they make around ₹299k – ₹2m per year.

To be a successful supply-chain manager, you must have excellent interpersonal skills and a thorough understanding of business processes. It would be best if you also worked well with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Take Away

Becoming a professional supply chain manager is an exciting and promising career choice. It is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the world.

A professional supply-chain manager is an individual who oversees all the aspects of a company’s supply chain, including logistics, procurement, and inventory management. Supply-chain managers are responsible for managing the flow of goods and services from when they are sourced to when they reach their destination.

The online MBA with a particular focus on Supply Chain Management offered by Amrita AHEAD provides an opportunity for professionals to gain a deeper understanding of managing supply chains in a competitive global environment. The program teaches students the latest technological advancements, including artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain.

This course is designed with international exposure, world-class classrooms, and experienced professors. The course also includes guest lectures from industry leaders of various MNCs.

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