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Can You Do an MBA in Operations Management After BCom?  

February 26, 2024 - 1:45
Can You Do an MBA in Operations Management After BCom?

Can a BCom graduate do MBA in operations?Which MBA is best after BCom?What are the top MBA specialisations for BCom graduates?These are some of the frequently asked questions by every BCom graduate. A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a three year undergraduate program that equips you with a strong foundation in business principles, accounting, finance, and economics.This degree will open door for future prospects in education .Amrita AHEAD is a guiding force that takes you to the realms of this specialisation making a fruitful future.Why are you still hesitating to enrol in MBA operations Management course when there is enough room for success in this business specialisation .This article provides a comprehensive overview of pursuing an MBA in Operations Management after BCom .Let us discuss the arena of possibilities awaiting for a BCom graduate by enrolling in MBA Operations Management.

Benefits of Pursuing MBA in Operations Management after BCom 

There are certain advantages in completing BCom degree before pursuing MBA Operations Program .Combining your BCom knowledge with an MBA in Operations Management provides you with:- 

  • Strong foundation for business and accounting :After completing a BCom degree it becomes easier for you to grasp deeper subjects in operations management.The understanding of topics like finance and accounting will give you opportunity to directly enter into optimising operational budgets and analysing cost implications. Thereby bringing financial impact of every decision under operational context. 
  •  Career Advancement Opportunities:You will become highly skilled in subjects like supply chain management, logistics, and operational optimization. 
  • Higher Earning Potential: MBA graduates in Operations Management seek higher salaries compared to BCom graduates. 
  • Versatility in choosing specialisation: Opens doors to diverse career opportunities across various industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. 
  • Necessary Skills: Analytical, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills, crucial for success in this field while your familiarity with numbers and data analysis makes you well-equipped to leverage data insights for streamlining operations and making informed strategic choices. 
  • Career Transition: Your BCom background, when combined with a deep understanding of Operations Management, unlocks doors to high-demand positions requiring both financial acumen and operational expertise. 

Top MBA specialisations for BCom graduates 

For BCom graduates, an MBA opens doors to diverse career paths. But with a plethora of specialisations available, choosing the right one can be daunting. This guide explores the top MBA specialisations for BCom graduates, considering your existing skills and future aspirations. 

Top MBA Specialisations for BCom graduates

Top MBA Specialisations for BCom graduates 

  1. MBA Finance: BCom graduates can master investment banking, corporate finance & consulting with this specialisation. Amrita AHEAD offers a comprehensive curriculum covering the requirements of MBA Finance.The MBA graduates earn a higher salary & leverage their quantitative edge for data-driven decisions in dynamic markets.
  2. MBA Marketing: Combine your BCom knowledge with marketing expertise to understand consumer behaviour, craft compelling campaigns, and measure marketing effectiveness with Amrita AHEAD MBA Marketing Program
  3. MBA Human Resources : Shape the workforce with this specialisation. Design HR policies, manage employee relations, and navigate complex dynamics while fusing your BCom knowledge with HR expertise for organisational can enrol in MBA HR in Amrita AHEAD.
  4. MBA Operations Management : Become a logistics whiz! Design efficient operations, excel in supply chain management, and maximise cost savings for organisations.Amrita AHEAD MBA Operations  program and your BCom foundation makes you an invaluable asset in mastering operational efficiency
  5. MBA Business Analytics : Harness the power of data with this specialisation. Make informed business choices, solve complex problems, and unlock data science career opportunities. Your BCom expertise and quantitative prowess gives you a significant advantage in the field of business.
  6. MBA International Business : Conquer the global market! Navigate international trade, import/export, and global marketing with this specialisation. Leverage your BCom knowledge of finance and business principles to excel in a globalised marketplace.
  7. MBA Entrepreneurship : This specialisation equips you with the foundation of entrepreneurship. Combine your BCom foundation with entrepreneurial skills to translate ideas into successful ventures and achieve financial independence.

Specialisations and Courses in MBA Operations Management 

Many programs offer specialisations within Operations Management, such as: 

  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Logistics and Procurement 
  • Project Management 
  • Operations Strategy 

Coursework typically covers: 

  • Operations systems design and analysis 
  • Quality management and lean manufacturing 
  • Supply chain management and logistics 
  • Project management methodologies 
  • Data analytics and decision-making 
  • Leadership and communication skills 

Career Opportunities after MBA in Operations Management 

With your MBA, you can pursue diverse career paths, including: 

  • Operations Manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Logistics Manager 
  • Project Manager 
  • Business Process Analyst 
  • Procurement Manager 
  • Consultant 

These roles can lead to leadership positions like Operations Director, Chief Supply Chain Officer, or General Manager. 

Skills Required for a Successful Career in Operations Management 

To excel in this field, develop: 

Analytical skills: Analyse data, identify trends, and recommend data-driven solutions. 

Problem-solving skills: Find innovative solutions to operational challenges and disruptions. 

Communication skills: Clearly communicate complex concepts to technical and non-technical audiences. 

Leadership skills: Motivate and guide teams to achieve goals and foster collaboration. 

Project management skills: Plan, execute, and monitor projects efficiently. 

Technical skills: Proficiency in data analysis tools and logistics software can be beneficial. 

Tips for Successfully Transitioning from BCom to MBA in Operations Management 

Highlight your BCom background in your application: Showcase how your existing knowledge prepares you for deeper specialisation. 

Gain relevant work experience: If possible, consider internships or projects related to operations management before or during your MBA. 

Network with professionals in the field: Connect with industry professionals to gain insights and explore career paths. 

Choose the right specialisation: Align your chosen specialisation with your long-term career goals. 

Develop necessary skills: Continuously enhance your skills through courses, workshops, and certifications. 

Top Colleges and Universities Offering MBA in Operations Management 

Several renowned institutions offer quality MBA programs in Operations Management, including: 

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) 
  • SP Jain Institute of Management and Research 
  • XLRI – Xavier School of Management 
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) 
  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) 
  • Kelley School of Business – Indiana University 
  • MIT Sloan School of Management 
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business 
  • Amrita University 

MBA Operations Management Program offered by Amrita AHEAD  

Amrita AHEAD offers Online MBA in Operations Management Courses in online mode with a very versatile curriculum that enables students from other fields also to go in par with the career progression as any contemporary BBA graduate could go.Candidates with a BCom degree can entail the online post graduation program without compromising on any aspects of learning.The financial acumen that a Bcom graduate has adds to the requirements in this business field and our course is highly encouraging for graduates who are passionate in business. 


An MBA in Operations Management after BCom can be a powerful career booster. While careful consideration is necessary, a well-planned pathway can lead to exciting and rewarding opportunities in this dynamic field. Weigh your aspirations, skills, and resources before embarking on this journey. Remember, continuous learning and skill development are key to success in any chosen path. 

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Note:This article provides a comprehensive overview of pursuing an MBA in Operations Management after BCom. By understanding the potential benefits, admission requirements, career opportunities, and necessary skills, you can make an informed decision about this exciting career path. Remember, while a BCom background provides a strong foundation, continuous learning and skill development are key to success in Operations Management. 


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