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A Guide to Career Options after 12th Arts

February 26, 2024 - 6:18
A Guide to Career Options after 12th Arts

A significant question hinders every student who has completed his class 12.What to choose as a career path?What degree will make me successful ?Which course should I enrol in?Whether to choose online or offline mode?However answer to these questions depends on each individual choice .Take your own time evaluating the course available for you based on your skill set .Each program has room enough to shape your future.Choosing the right platform is a prerequisite in online learning for a fulfilling career.This article takes you through the landscape of possibilities, exploring options thereby identifying your strengths.

What are the Career Options after Class 12th Arts?

After completing 12th Arts there are a multitude of options to explore based on your interests, skills, and career aspirations. Here are some pathways you can consider :-

A)Higher Education: Pursue a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as:

  1. Humanities: Literature, History, Philosophy, Languages, Sociology, Anthropology.
  2. Social Sciences: Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Geography, Public Administration.
  3. Fine Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts, Visual Communication, Photography.
  4. Performing Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts.
  5. Professional Courses: Consider enrolling in professional courses or diploma programs in areas such as:
  • Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Event Management
  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Hotel Management & Catering
  • Travel & Tourism Management
  • Animation & Multimedia

B)Government Exams: Prepare for government exams for entry into civil services, banking, defence services, and other public sector jobs. Exams like UPSC Civil Services, SSC, and State Public Service Commissions are options worth considering.

C)Vocational Courses: Explore vocational courses that provide practical skills and job-specific training in various fields like:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Beautician & Cosmetology
  • Foreign Languages
  • Photography

D)Teacher Training: If you are interested in teaching, you can pursue a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree after which you can apply for teaching positions in schools.

E)Professional Certifications: Obtain certifications in areas like content writing, digital marketing, project management, human resources, or any other field of interest to enhance your employability and skill set.

F)Entrepreneurship: If you have a business idea or entrepreneurial spirit, consider starting your own venture. Take courses in entrepreneurship and business management to equip yourself with the necessary skills.

G)Internships and Apprenticeships: Gain practical experience and exposure to different industries through internships or apprenticeships. This will help you understand various career options and decide which path to pursue.

Remember to assess your interests, strengths, and long-term career goals before making a decision. Research different options, talk to professionals in the field, and seek guidance from career counsellors or mentors to make an informed choice. Your journey after 12th Arts can be tailored to suit your unique talents and ambitions.

 Unlike the above listed options there are degree courses that open the getaway to meeting requirements of firms that suit well with your career aspirations and skill set that you encompass.

Course Options After 12th Arts

Students after completing their 12th grade have unending options in gaining a bachelorette degree.In the realm of higher education, students completing their 12th grade in the Arts stream find themselves at a crossroads, brimming with diverse avenues for pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of prominent choices:

Course Options After 12th Arts

Course Options After 12th Arts

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Delve into the intricacies of management, economics, and business operations. A Bachelor Of Administration (BBA )equips students with essential skills for navigating the corporate landscape and fosters leadership qualities.Amrita AHEAD offers BBA Program which instills in you the potential to gain skills required to get hired by industry even as a fresher.The opportunities are even wider as the candidate after pursuing such a degree can go for further studies in the form of a postgraduate course such Master of Business Administration (MBA)  to enter into the most enterprising field of business.

The job roles associated with this field are:-

  • Business Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Marketing Executive
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA): Unleash your potential in the realm of technology and software development. Bachelor of Administration (BCA) programs offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, preparing graduates for careers in software engineering, database management, and IT consultancy.The job roles associated with this field are:-

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • IT Consultant

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom): Explore the dynamic world of commerce, accounting, and finance. A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree offers foundational insights into economic principles, financial management, and business analytics, paving the way for lucrative careers in banking, auditing, and taxation.Candidate with ardent urge to learn can pursue the masters as the opportunity is right in front of them in the form of Amrita AHEAD Online Programs. Master of Commerce (MCom)is a clever option to pursue postgraduate study for a student who has profound interest in computers and its applications.The job roles associated with this course are:-

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Tax Consultant
  • Investment Banker
  • Stock Bro

Bachelor of Arts (BA): Embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and critical thinking. BA programs encompass a wide array of disciplines, including literature, history, sociology, and psychology, fostering creativity and cultural understanding.The job roles associated with this degree are:-

  • Writer/Content Creator
  • Social Worker
  • Research Assistant
  • Community Organiser
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Museum Curator
  • Art Therapist
  • Gallery Manager
  • Art Critic/Reviewer
  • Cultural Program Coordinator

 Integrated Law Course (BA plus LLB): Merge the realms of humanities and law to pursue a career in legal advocacy and justice. This integrated program offers a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks, constitutional principles, and judicial processes, empowering graduates to champion legal causes and uphold justice.the job roles associated with this course are:-

  • Lawyer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Legal Consultant
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Judge (after further education and experience)
  • Legal Researcher

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication: Enter the dynamic world of media, communication, and storytelling. Journalism and Mass Communication programs nurture skills in reporting, editing, and digital media production, empowering graduates to become influential voices in the realms of journalism, advertising, and public relations.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM): Embark on a vibrant career in the hospitality industry. BHM programs emphasise hospitality management, culinary arts, and customer service, preparing graduates for roles in hotel operations, event management, and tourism.The job roles one can take up after this course are as follows:-

  • Hotel Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Catering Manager
  • Hospitality Consultant

Each of these bachelor’s degrees offers a unique pathway to professional success, empowering students to pursue their passions and carve out fulfilling careers in their chosen fields. Explore your interests, leverage your strengths, and embark on a transformative academic journey towards a bright and promising future.

Skill Development and Additional Qualifications required for Arts Students

While your Arts background provides a strong foundation, honing specific skills further enhances your employability. Consider:

  • Digital Literacy: Master essential software and tools relevant to your chosen field.
  • Communication Skills: Refine your written and verbal communication skills for effective engagement.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Hone your analytical abilities to find innovative solutions.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Practise working effectively with diverse teams.
  • Internships and Volunteering: Gain practical experience and build your network.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Choosing a career is a journey, not a destination. Explore diverse options, experiment, and discover what aligns with your passions and aspirations. The Arts stream empowers you with the skills and creativity to navigate an ever-evolving job market. Embrace lifelong learning, stay curious, and believe in your potential to contribute meaningfully to any field you choose. With dedication and perseverance, you can unlock a fulfilling and successful career journey.Unleash your potential after 12th Arts! Explore diverse career options in humanities, arts, social sciences & more. Discover your talents & skills, find your dream job & chart your unique success story!Go AHEAD with Amrita AHEAD Online Programs to make your journey of career prosperous.

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