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MBA Information Systems vs MBA Information Technology 

March 19, 2024 - 9:54
MBA Information Systems vs MBA Information Technology

MBA Information Systems vs MBA Information Technology 

Information technology (IT) and information systems (IS)  are two important driving forces in today’s digital era.A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be a valuable asset for those seeking to advance their careers in these areas along with a professional expertise in these fields . Choosing between an MBA in Information Systems (MBA-IS) and an MBA in Information Technology (MBA-IT) is confusing.This article has specific focus on career paths associated with each degree,answering frequently asked questions regarding both degrees. 

What is an MBA Information Systems (MBA-IS)? 

An MBA Information Systems (MBA-IS) program equips students with the knowledge and skills to manage and leverage information systems effectively within a business context by combining core business administration principles such as accounting, finance, and marketing with a strong foundation in information systems theory, application, and development. This particular blend of business acumen and technical expertise enables MBA-IS graduates to: 

  • Analyse and design information systems solutions that meet the strategic needs of an organisation. 
  • Manage and also oversee the implementation and maintenance of information systems infrastructure. 
  • Lead and collaborate with cross-functional teams in order to  develop and implement technology-driven business strategies. 
  • Evaluate and select appropriate information technologies to support business operations and decision-making. 

What is an MBA Information Technology (MBA-IT)? 

An MBA Information Technology (MBA-IT)  program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of technical aspects of information technology like  computer hardware, software, networking, and cybersecurity principles. While MBA-IT programs may also cover some business management fundamentals, the primary focus is on developing the technical skills and knowledge required to: 

  • Design, develop, and implement complex information technology systems. 
  • Manage and troubleshoot IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, and databases. 
  • Evaluate and select emerging technologies to optimise business processes and solve complex problems. 
  • Lead and manage IT teams and various  projects. 

MBA Information Systems vs MBA Information Technology 

Here’s a table summarising the key differences between MBA-IS and MBA-IT programs: 





Business applications of information systems 

Technical aspects of information technology 


Strong emphasis on business management, with courses in accounting, finance, marketing, and information systems 

Strong emphasis on technology, with courses in computer hardware, software, networking, and cybersecurity 

Career Paths 

Business analyst, information systems manager, IT consultant, project manager 

Network engineer, systems engineer, software developer, IT security specialist 


Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About MBA-IS and MBA-IT 

  • Which degree is right for me: MBA-IS or MBA-IT?

The choice is based on your career aspirations and existing skill set. If you have a strong business background and are interested in using technology to solve business problems, an MBA-IS is a good fit and  If you have a technical background and are passionate about the inner workings of information technology systems, an MBA-IT is a better choice. 

  • What are the job opportunities for MBA-IS and MBA-IT graduates?

Both MBA-IS and MBA-IT graduates have a wide range of job opportunities available to them in various industries with specific roles.The qualification depends on their specific skills and experience. Here are some examples: 

MBA-IS: Business Analyst, Information Systems Manager, IT Consultant, Project Manager, Data Analyst, Business Systems Analyst 

MBA Information  System  Jobs   MBA Information  Technology Jobs

MBA Information  System  Jobs 

MBA-IT: Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Software Developer, IT Security Specialist, Database Administrator, Cloud Architect 

mba information technology jobs

MBA Information  Technology Jobs 

  • Do I need a technical background to pursue an MBA-IS or MBA-IT program?

While a technical background can be beneficial, it is not always mandatory for admission to an MBA-IS or MBA-IT program. Some programs may offer foundation courses to bridge the gap for students with limited technical experience. However, having a strong understanding of basic IT concepts will definitely be advantageous in these programs. 

  • How much salary can I expect to earn with an MBA-IS or MBA-IT degree?

The salary potential for MBA-IS and MBA-IT graduates can vary depending on several factors, including experience, location, industry, and specific job title. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for computer and information systems managers was $159,140 in May 

  • Can I pursue an online MBA-IS or MBA-IT program?

The growing popularity of online education has made both MBA-IS and MBA-IT programs readily available to pursue their education while continuing to work or manage other personal commitments. However, it is crucial to choose an accredited program from a reputable institution to ensure the quality and value of your degree.Amrita AHEAD serves you a best platform initiating the process of   encapsulating a career that is enhancing with its various specialisation that go with the innovativeness of technology as well. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing MBA IS  Or  MBA IT  Programs 

 These are some of the  factors that you need to consider before choosing the MBA programs in IS or IT:- 

Program Curriculum: Carefully review the course offerings of each program to ensure they align with your specific interests and career goals. Look for courses that cover the latest trends and technologies in the field. 

Faculty Expertise: The qualifications and experience of the program’s faculty can significantly impact your learning experience. Choose a program with faculty members who have strong industry experience and are actively engaged in research. 

Networking Opportunities: Alumni networks can provide valuable connections and mentorship opportunities, while effective career placement services can help you land your dream job after graduation. 


The decision between an MBA-IS and an MBA-IT comes down to your individual career aspirations and how you envision yourself within the business world after 10 years . Evaluating your interests, skills, and career goals, along with the factors can make an informed decision reaching your desired career goal. 

Remember to consult with admissions advisors from various programs and conduct further research to find the program that best suits your unique needs and aspirations.Visit our Amrita AHEAD official website to know about various MBA programs offered online .You can also refer to our programs by going through the below blogs. 

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