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Women in the MBA Industry: A New Outlook

October 21, 2022 - 10:37
MBA Industry

There is much more research done on the challenges and prejudices women continuously face in the business world today. In light of recent statistics, what are companies and universities doing to encourage the involvement of women in the industry?

We are certainly making progress—women are climbing up Fortune’s list of CEOs since 2009 by 8% for starters—but there is still a way to go when it comes to reaching person-to-person parity.

The MBA Industry and its Representation by Women

The role of women in the workplace, specifically in positions of power like CEO and CFO, has changed over time. Women have recently left a strong mark on industries across India. Various fields, such as the business world, journalism, and even sports broadcasting, have succeeded, with women taking on high-ranking roles.

Let us explore why many women are becoming interested in getting their MBAs.

We will also examine what this industry comprises and why it is drawing more female employees today than ever.

The Growing Demand for Female MBA Graduates

In 2020, only about 39% of MBA students were female. In 2 years, this number has risen by 2%. The trend may continue to grow in the coming years.

The MBA industry has been traditionally male-dominated, but this trend seems to shift with more females entering the workforce.

The number of women applying for mid-tier firms is also on the rise, which is not surprising considering that these companies prefer females. Female entrepreneurs are getting more and more opportunities as well, which means that there will be an increase in female MBA graduates starting their businesses.

The Experience of Being a Female MBA Graduate

Graduate school is a time of significant change and growth. It can be an intimidating experience but also a time of great opportunities.

Graduating from business school as a woman can be an empowering experience, but it does not come without challenges. The adventures of being female graduate students vary widely, but there are some commonalities that many women share. These commonalities include the following:

  • The importance of mentors and advisors
  • The challenge of balancing work and family obligations
  • The lack of female faculty members in academia
  • The constant need to prove one’s value
  • The difficulty of balancing private life with professional life
  • The inherent need to balance the expectations of men and women
  • The lack of a clear career path for female graduate students

To combat this, women must be confident in their skills and work hard to ensure their work is noticed. This will help them be seen as an equal in the workplace.

Women’s Experiences Outside of Business School

The MBA industry is an example of a field that has seen a dramatic increase in women’s representation over the last few years. Women make up more than half of all MBA students at some schools.

Countless women have started their businesses and had great success with them. One woman who has done this is Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. She started her company with just $5,000 and was able to grow it into a billion-dollar company. She is one of the many women in America who has leaped to start their own business. In India, countless women have also leaped to create their own businesses. There are many success stories of women starting their own companies in India and making a name for themselves.

Some visible changes can be made regarding gender parity in the corporate world. That includes including more women in leadership positions throughout an organization. Entrepreneurship, top management positions, the finance sector, and the list goes on regarding the career paths of women who graduate from a business school.

Education and the Modern Woman

The rise in the number of women pursuing an MBA degree is attributed to the changing roles of women in society. Women are no longer solely homemakers but have become breadwinners for their families. With this new role, they seek new skills and education to provide for their families.

In addition, there has been a shift in the gender pay gap in recent years, contributing to more women pursuing an MBA degree. The gender pay gap is now at its lowest point since 1990, with men earning 23% more than women. This has led many companies to recruit and hire female applicants actively. They also know women will not only be able to work as hard as their male counterparts but also may have better long-term career prospects because of the narrowing pay gap.

Women are increasingly becoming involved in the workforce, with a significant increase in the number of women pursuing an MBA. With the rise in female entrepreneurs, there is a need for more educated and skilled employees to help manage these companies.

Be More Career-Ready with an Online MBA

In a recent article by Forbes on ‘Online MBA Students Now Outnumber Full-Time MBAs,’ it was found that more students are now enrolled in online MBA programs than in full-time MBA programs. The article states, ‘ On a worldwide basis, full-time students still outnumber those in online programs, 78,061 to 53,281.’

An online MBA is a great way to improve your skillset and be more career-ready. A degree from a top school can open up new doors for you and make you more qualified for the job.

You will also have access to various courses that will help you develop your skills in different areas. An online MBA program can deliver substantial savings on travel and housing costs. In addition, many programs offer scholarship opportunities to help offset the costs.

Furthermore, an online MBA program has flexible schedules that make it easy to work while studying or fit around other commitments like family or work. Especially for women trying to balance a career and family life, the convenience of an online degree is helpful.

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