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ACCA exemptions for MBA 

May 15, 2024 - 10:00
ACCA exemptions for MBA

Considering the ACCA qualification for MBA graduates can be a strategic move to propel your career in finance and accounting. If you’ve already invested in an MBA, you might be wondering, “Can I get exemptions from ACCA with an MBA?” The answer is yes! An MBA can potentially exempt you from a significant number of ACCA exams for MBA holders. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to earn the prestigious ACCA qualification. 

This article will explore how many ACCA exams can be exempt with an MBA, delve into the specific ACCA exams for MBA holders you might still need to take, and guide you through the process of claiming exemptions from ACCA exams with your MBA. We’ll also explore the benefits of pursuing the ACCA qualification after your MBA, focusing on specific ACCA exams exemptions for MBA in finance. 

Amrita AHEAD helps you to strategically leverage your existing knowledge and minimizing the number of required exams and  unlock exciting career opportunities with an Online MBA  

MBA Specializations 

The value of an MBA depends on your career goals and financial situation. Here’s a breakdown of Is an MBA worth it?.refer the various specialization in MBA programs in Amrita AHEAD

  1. MBA General Management: Build a well-rounded business acumen with a comprehensive curriculum encompassing marketing, finance, operations, and leadership. This versatile specialisation empowers you to tackle diverse challenges across industries.Amrita AHEAD offers MBA General Management course with the initiative to nurture  individuals that aspire to become future leaders in the business realm.
  2. MBA Artificial Intelligence: Lead the AI revolution! This cutting-edge program equips you with the expertise to apply AI principles to strategic decision-making, marketing, and product development. Gain a competitive edge in the age of intelligent machines.The MBA AI course will open a new avenue to the world of technology and business.
  3. MBA Marketing: Become a master storyteller and brand strategist. Hone your skills in digital marketing, consumer behaviour, and brand management to captivate audiences and drive business growth.MBA Marketing course  that Amrita AHEAD offers is the most enterprising manner unlike any other online platforms as we cater to the needs of the ongoing advancements in the field of business.
  4. MBA Finance: Unleash your inner financial wizard! Master financial analysis, investment strategies, and risk management to navigate the world of finance with confidence.Candidates who wish to contribute in the financial sector need  not haste in applying for your MBA Finance course with Amrita AHEAD .
  5. MBA Operations: Optimise systems and streamline processes. This specialisation delves into supply chain management, logistics, and quality control, ensuring your organisation runs like a well-oiled machine.Amrita AHEAD  gives right guidance to unleash your desired success in business administration and its  operations.
  6. MBA Human Resources: Shape the future of work! Master HR practices, talent management, and employee engagement to build high-performing teams and foster a positive work environment.There is always a great demand for MBA Human Resource management  both abroad and in India,Amrita AHEAD program gives ample exposure to cater to managing human resources.
  7. MBA in International Finance and Accounting:A (MBA) with electives in International Finance and Accounting offers a powerful combination for ambitious business professionals. This program equips you with a strong foundation in core business areas like marketing and management, while allowing you to specialize in the dynamic world of international finance and accounting.  By delving into courses on foreign exchange, international trade finance, and global accounting standards, you’ll gain the expertise to navigate complex financial landscapes and excel in a globalized business environment. 

ACCA Qualification for MBA Graduates 

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification is a highly sought-after designation in the world of finance and accounting. It opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, from senior accounting positions to financial management roles for aspirants. But what if you’ve already invested in an MBA (Master of Business Administration)? Can your MBA knowledge grant you ACCA exemptions from some ACCA exams for MBA holders?This is the question convoluted throughout this article.The answer is an absolute yes ,an MBA can pave the way for significant ACCA exemptions from ACCA exams. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to complete the ACCA qualification, propelling you towards a rewarding career in accounting and finance faster.Let us discuss in detail what exactly theses exemptions are. 

ACCA Exams for MBA 

The good news is that yes, an MBA can potentially qualify you for exemptions from some ACCA exams. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to complete the ACCA qualification.Reducing ACCA exams with your MBA through exemptions allows you to focus on the specialized accounting and finance knowledge tested in the ACCA program.While an MBA equips you with a broad understanding of business, it might not delve deeply into the technical aspects of accounting and finance. This is where the ACCA qualification comes in. By combining your MBA with the ACCA qualification, you can bridge this gap and gain a well-rounded skillset that’s highly sought-after in the job market. 

Can I Get Exemptions from ACCA with an MBA? 

The possibility of exemptions depends on the specific content covered in your MBA program, particularly the focus on accounting and finance subjects. However, ACCA generally recognizes strong foundational knowledge in these areas as grounds for exemption. 

With your existing business knowledge from the MBA forming a strong foundation, you’ll likely qualify for exemptions from a significant number of the foundational ACCA exams. This could potentially reduce ACCA exams with your MBA by covering the entire Knowledge and Skills level (F and FAB levels).  

This translates to focusing on fewer exams – the more advanced Strategic Professional exams (P level) and choosing your optional specializations. By strategically fast tracking ACCA with your MBA, you can gain the expertise and recognition needed to excel in the world of accounting and finance, all on an accelerated timeline. 

How Many ACCA Exams Can Be Exempt with an MBA? 

The number of exemptions you can receive with an MBA varies. Typically, an MBA in Finance can grant ACCA  exemptions. This could cover all the exams in the Knowledge and Skills level, which form the foundation of the ACCA qualification. 

At Amrita AHEAD’s MBA International Finance program, you will receive 9 exemptions. 

ACCA Exams for MBA Students 

Even with an MBA, there are still ACCA exams you’ll need to take. These exams focus on more advanced accounting and professional skills not typically covered in a broad MBA program. The exams you’ll likely need to sit for include: 

  • Strategic Professional exams (P level): These exams test your in-depth knowledge and application of accounting, audit, and business strategy concepts. There are three Strategic Professional exams: P1 (Corporate Governance and Ethics), P2 (Corporate Reporting), and P3 (Business Analysis). 
  • Optional exams (P level): You’ll also need to choose and take two optional exams from P4 (Advanced Financial Management), P5 (Advanced Audit and Assurance), P6 (Taxation), and P7 (Advanced Corporate Finance). 

How to Get Exemptions from ACCA Exams with MBA 

To claim MBA exemptions for ACCA exams,you’ll need to submit an official application to ACCA. This application process typically involves providingThese points will clarify on how to get exemptions from ACCA exams with MBA: 

  • Certified copies of your MBA degree and transcripts. 
  • Course descriptions or syllabi for relevant accounting and finance courses taken in your MBA program. 
  • A letter from your university outlining the learning outcomes of your MBA program. 

ACCA will assess your documents to determine which exams, if any, you qualify for MBA exemptions.Now that you are clear with How to get exemptions from ACCA exams with MBA let us learn specific ACCA exam exemptions for MBA in Finance  

Specific ACCA Exams Exemptions for MBA in Finance 

Here’s a breakdown of potential  MBA exemptions for an MBA in Finance: 

  • Knowledge level (F level): F1 (Accounting and Business Environment), F2 (Management Accounting), F3 (Financial Accounting), F4 (Corporate and Business Law), F5 (Performance Management), F6 (Taxation), F7 (Auditing), F8 (Audit and Assurance), and F9 (Financial Management) might all be exempt. 
  • Skills level (FAB level): There might be exemptions for FAB (Strategic Business Leader) depending on the strategic management and leadership focus of your MBA program. 

Highest ACCA exepmtions for MBA  

At Amrita AHEAD, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, you will receive the highest level of exemptions for the ACCA program. The number of exemptions provided for the MBA International Finance course is 9, which is the highest provided by ACCA.


Considering the ACCA qualification for MBA graduates can be a game-changer. By capitalizing on your existing knowledge, you might be eligible for exemptions from ACCA exams with an MBA. This significantly reduces the number of ACCA exams for MBA holders you need to take, saving you valuable time and effort.Fast track ACCA with your MBA by claiming exemptions from a substantial portion of the ACCA program. This can dramatically reduce ACCA exams with your MBA, saving you valuable time and effort. 

This article explored how many ACCA exams can be exempt with an MBA and provided guidance on claiming these exemptions. We also highlighted specific ACCA exams exemptions for MBA in finance. By strategically leveraging your MBA and the ACCA qualification, you can unlock a faster path to becoming a chartered certified accountant. This translates to a more competitive edge in the job market and opens doors to exciting career opportunities in accounting and finance. Take the first step today and explore how the ACCA qualification can propel your career forward. 

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