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Gītāsaṃskṛtamelikā (गीतासंस्कृ तमेलिका) is an Online Post Graduate Diploma Course in Sanskrit, offered by the Amrita School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus.

This program extends over 44 weeks, encompassing 36 credits. The course commences with a profound exploration of Devanagari alphabets and delve into the introduction of Words, Gender, Number, Cases, Verbs, and Persons, with a focus on the puruṣottamayogaḥ of the Bhagavadgītā. In addition, discussion goes on to sandhiḥ, samāsaḥ, kārakam, pratyayaḥ, tenses, and translation techniques, thus the course ensures a comprehensive understanding of usage and rules.

Program Duration

44 weeks




3000 INR

Program Overview

Final Deadline: 20 May 2024

Gītāsaṃskṛtamelikā primarily emphasizes to equip learners with the ability to read, comprehend, and articulate the Bhagavadgita in Sanskrit, fostering the practical
integration of Sanskrit into their daily lives. Each Sloka of puruṣottamayogaḥ will be meticulously discussed, covering all relevant grammatical aspects.

Participants are provided with educational materials, including Video lessons, Notes, PPTs, Worksheets, Stories, and Subhashitam.

The course, will be conducted entirely online, incorporates diverse assessment methods such as Assignments, projects, chanting sessions, Quizzes, and Examinations, all through virtual platforms.

Indian Applicants

International Applicants

Course Highlight

Certification of Completion:

On successful completion of the PG Diploma course, the eligibility met participants will receive a certificate directly from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. For Samskrit enthusiastic participants, a Course Completion certificate from Amrita School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies will be awarded.

Credits: Earn 41 credits on the successful completion of the course.

Learn From the Experts: Classes by vastly experienced Faculty and subject experts from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and other organizations.


परिक्रमः(Course 1)
  1. अक्षराणि
  2. उच्चारिस्थानानन च
  3. पदपररचयः लिङ्ग
  4. वचनं च
  5. सङ््या 1-20
  6. पूरिप्रत्ययाः 1-10
  7. ववशेषिववशेष्याणि सङ््याववशेषिं च
  8. (सः एषः कः का ककम ् – सवेषुवचनेषु)
प्रकीर्णः (Course 2)
  1. सङ््या 21-60, समयः
  2. इदानीम ् अधुना वासराः
  3. पुरुषाः कियापदानन च
  4. 10-15 कियािां पररचयः रूपाणि च
  5. वाक्यननमाािम ् (कर्ाा किया च)
  6. (कः ककंका)
  7. िट् िङ् िृट् पररचयः रूपाणि वाक्यननमाािं च
परिर्ाहः (Course 3)
  1. व्यावहाररकशबदाः
  2. (सुप्रभार्ं स्वागर्ं धन्यवादः…)
  3. कमापररचयः
  4. िोट् िकारपररचयः रूपाणि प्रयोगाश्च
  5. शबदरूपाणि
  6. राम सीर्ा हरर गुरु वपर्ृ पनर् नदी गो
  7. एर्र् ् र्र् ् (त्रिषुलिङ्गेषु)
  8. अस्मर् ् युष्मर् ्
प्रगाढः (Course 4)
  1. कारकसमासपररचयः
  2. वाक्यननमाािम ्
  3. पदानुपदम ् अनुवादकायाम ्
  4. (कारकननयमानुसारं सवााः ववभक्र्ीः उपयुज्यः)
परिशोधः (Course 5)
  1. अव्ययानन
  2. (अद्य ह्यः श्वः परह्यः परश्वः प्रपरह्यः प्रपरश्वः अि र्ि एकि सवाि अन्यि कुि
  3. र्दा एकदा इदानीम ्
  4. शीघ्रं मन्दं उच्चचः नीचचः शनचः उपरर अधः
  5. पुरर्ः पृष्ठर्ः वामर्ः दक्षक्षिर्ः
  6. अर्ः र्र्ः एवम ् एव इव र्था इनर्)
  7. अच्सनन्धः
प्रवृद्धः (Course 6)
  1. सप्र्ककाराः एवं प्रश्नकरिं च
  2. (ककम ् कु ि कनर् कदा कु र्ः कथं ककमथं कस्मार्)्
  3. प्रयोगाः
  4. यदा र्दा यथा र्था यदद र्दहा चेर् ् यावर् ् र्ावर् ् न के विं ककन्र्ु
  5. (वाक्येषुप्रयोगः)
  6. क्त्वा ल्यप ् र्ुमुन ्
  7. कर्ारर कमाणि क्र्
परिष्वङ्गः (Course 7)
  1. हिाददसन्धयः
  2. अनुवादववधयः


प्रफु ल्लः (Course 8)
  1. अवधानवगाः
  2. अमृर्कथाः – 5
  3. सुभावषर्ानन – 5
  4. गीर्ाध्यानम ्
  5. गीर्ाश्िोकाः – 5
  6. पुरुषोत्तमयोगः (पदच्छेद-अन्वय-व्याकरिाभ्याससदहर्ः)

Gītāsaṃskṛtamelikā Certification Program Duration

44 weeks


For PG Diploma Certificate: Under-graduate Degree

For Course Completion Certificate: Any Sanskrit enthusiast

Teaching Method

Recorded and Live Sessions


Dr. Harikrishnan V. P.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Midhun P

Assistant Professor

The Amrita
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Frequently Asked Questions

If we are unable to attend the live class, can we get access to the sessions later?

All course materials, including video, reading materials and recording of live sessions will be available until successful completion of course or stipulated time limits, whichever comes first.

Will the course materials be provided?


Will the sessions be uploaded on any platform after the session?

Recordings will be provided

Does admission to the course mean perpetual access to the course contents?

No. Course contents will be available in the enrolled term

Do I certify upon successful completion of the course ?

a) Yes. A formal certificate from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham will be awarded upon successful completion.

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